Rant – The 300 Blackout Alternative

Driving out to the range this morning and wanted to share some thoughts on a statement I heard defending 300blk. It went something like this, “Yeah. 308 subsonic is a thing but you don’t get 220g bullets in 308”.

Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus and he loads subsonic 300WM with 220 grain pills.

So if you already have a 300WM and a 30 caliber suppressor, you functionally have 300blk.

Food for thought.



”Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Here is a photo of 300WM sub-sonic ammo with a 220g bullet. They offer 175 subsonic as well. So if you are looking to build a turn-bolt in 300blk, take a closer look in your gun safe. You might already have the components to replicate it. Again. In a turn bolt.

    300blk shines when you need 25 rounds at room clearing distances in an AR pattern magazine. It is stunning to me how many buy 300blk to hunt with. And then might face magazine DNR magazine capacity limits in season. Weird.

    Any suppressed 308 and 300WM can replicate 300blk suppression for the price of one box of ammo.