Rare Austro-Hungarian Army Training Video For Steyr-Hahn Pistol

Our resident historian recently found an old Austro-Hungarian Army training video on the manual of arms for the WWI Steyr Hammer pistol. AKA the Steyr-Hahn. The quality of the video is somewhat crude and the accents might be a little tough to get past, but if you were an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army, this video might just save your life.





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  • Brennen Munro

    Wow! Did not expect that… What causes this kind of reaction? It looked like the pistol threw up because it disliked the brand of ammo or something. Oops!

    • I was joking when I filmed it. The Steyr-Hahn is fed using stripper clips. Just like a Mauser rifle. So there is a lever on the side which will open the feed-lips and let all the rounds eject from it’s fixed magazine.

      While I know better than to do it, I can tell you that I accidentally did it once that day. Off camera. Because the lever is in the same place a slide-stop would be on modern guns.

      So…hit the button…bloop! Out comes the rounds!


      • Mikial

        Wow, that’s . . . . um . . . . bizarre.

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  • Gary Tompkins

    Makes me laugh every time I see this. Thanks.

    • I obviously set this up. And I was aware of the issue before ever doing it. But truth be told, I have done it twice by accident.

      It’s easy to do if you use your slide-stop to load.


      • Gary Tompkins

        I know it was set up. But the commentary that goes with it is great. I saw it when you first put it up. Still makes me laugh.