Red Dots & Seat Belts

Red Dots & Seatbelts

While sitting in a different vehicle, something happened that I hadn’t ever experienced before. The possibility that the seatbelt could prevent me from drawing a gun. AIWB. 

Here is a quick photo I took while seated in a Range Rover. 

Red Dots & Seat Belts

Red Dot in Range Rover. The pistol is not hung up. But it’s close enough that undoing the seatbelt might need to be considered.

And here are two pics seated in my Toyota Tundra. 

The Range Rover seat belt isn’t actually hanging up on the red dot. But it’s pretty close. 

I spent many years carrying, drawing and fighting with guns around cars. I suggest to the reader to always be cognizant about lap-belts, bucket-seats, and how doors and their locks work. 

As I sit in different cars, I will try to sneak in photos if I can.





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