Removing the SCAR Front Sight

The video below better explains the process for removing the factory SCAR front sight. The short version? Drive out the roll-pin on the right side nut. Unscrew the T25 screw holding that nut. Take a hammer and punch and drive out the sight from the gas-block dovetail. Left to right.

Special note: There are some parts that fall out when you do this, so be prepared to account for them. At the moment, I believe there is a ball bearing of some kind in the system that is easily lost after driving the sight out of the dovetail.

How do I know? Well…I don’t exactly. Something rolled off the bench and hit the concrete floor in the armory. By the sound it made, it didn’t bounce like a spring but more like a spherical object.

We don’t intent to reinstall, so I wasn’t about to spent 3 hours looking for the darn part.



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  • Petr123 paco

    So what did you end up using for a sighting system?

    • I’ve had a AIMPOINT Micro on the Rifle for years.


      • Brennen Munro

        Was this just a weight savings measure?


        • Yes and no. But I can’t really say with authority. This rifle was acquired while at my previous job. They had ideas on how things needed to be configured. So they had more of a say than I did actually.

          And yes, anything to save weight!