Rifles Seen at 2016 Ft. Benning Sniper Challenge

A followup to the handguns seen at the Sniper Challenge, here are some pictures of the rifles and scopes at same. Some of the long guns are typical (standard TOE) while others may come as a surprise. Additionally some foreign military rifles will be of interest as well.




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  • Conner

    As I looked at your pictures all I could think was that all views aret from the rear….thank goodness. I’d sure hate to be the one of the poor bastards the is chosen to look at em from the other side, lead first.

  • Mikial

    Nice hardware and some serious looking individuals. I would not like to be on the receiving end of any of them. It’s amazing the high tech advances that have been made in the past 20 years in long range rifle technology. I’ve just never been the sniper type . . . too impatient. Always was more of the breacher type with a good sniper covering me.

    • Soon most of those devices we see bolted on that rifle will be rolled into one.


    • But I want to add, there isn’t a set TOE here. There’s official “Army” but given the chance, it’s always interesting to see what pros will choose.

      A lot of the same gear the civilians have access to. But those same civilians will obsess on the official grear of unit X,Y,Z because these assume it’s that much better.