Safari Seat Hunting

Not really sure what to actually call this, so I am giving it my best attempt. While pig hunting in Texas, I got to do something I have never personally experienced before. Sitting on raised seats on the edge of an open field.

In this particular case, we were on the back of a “mule”. But this outfitter also had similar seats on the backs of jeeps.

Between you and me, it was probably some of the most comfortable and enjoyable hunting I have ever engaged in. The sun was setting. The air was cooling off. A slight breeze was blowing in our faces. And the elevated field of view was for many hundreds of yards.

For someone who is accustomed to hunting east of the Mississippi, this was a radically difference experience from hunkering down in deer blinds; or strapping yourself up in a tree stand.

I’d like to do it again.


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