SCAR 17 Aftermarket Trigger

These are pictures from a friend’s SCAR 17. He uses this rifle for precision shooting. A couple of years ago he was looking for a trigger upgrade and was shocked by some of the prices. Eventually he found the “Scar Adjustable 2-Stage Trigger” by


He’s been running it ever since and has had zero, zip, nada, zilch issues with it. And to make it clear, he shoots quite a bit too. Former Camp Perry shooter. It’s a 2 stage configuration that is user adjustable. Gunsmith installation is recommended. It retails for $250. It also works for both the SCAR 16 & 17 models. As a rule, is not a gear-review website. If we don’t write about it, we either aren’t interested in it or can’t afford it. So…when this first showed up in our circles, I took a wait and see attitude. Well it’s been a couple of years and this thing has proven it’s reliability.


So if you are a SCAR guy, you know how expensive things can be. It’s good to see aftermarket support for the platform. Feel free to check this trigger out. The manufacturer is  a competitive shooter who is also a (PE) professional engineer. That may not be of concern to the civilian reader, but anyone who wishes to upgrade a work gun will need more than “Bubba Says So” to get it approved by the lawyers. This one will pass muster easily.



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  • Jim Russell

    Put this trigger in both my SCAR 16 and SCAR 17. Great trigger. Took about 1/2 hour each to install and adjust.

    • Hey Jim! Thanks for stopping by. It’s funny you should leave a comment on this. The guy who owns this rifle was texting me this evening when to schedule some range time. He has some loads he needs to test.

      Your comment reminds me I should follow up with him on his trigger. Maybe get some more detailed photos. And maybe shoot on film.


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