SCAR-17 Load Data 175g Sierra

A friend was shooting his SCAR-17 with a Vortex muzzle device. Some have inquired about the load data used for the pictured group. 5 shots. 100 yards. 1-inch dot.

Here is the data direct from him. Note…hand loading is not for noobs. Proceed cautiously if you are not experienced at this. Any signs of problems or pressure and you need to stop immediately.

I do not own a SCAR-17 (yet), so I have no personal experience with this data and can’t verify it’s accuracy – pun intended.





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  • Yes, I am aware the group looks like 4 shots. But I was there and confirmed it was 5. You can just see where the 4th bullet in the “stack” passed through the hole.


  • Matt

    Looks good to me! Do you recall what group this was during the day? The first? The 6th? The last? I ask because my scar 17 shoots amazing on the first 5 round group but opens up to about 1.5″ max at 100yds after that. It consistently shoots this way. I assume it’s harmonics coupled with a warming barrel

    • I am not 100% certain I recall. It was either his first or second group. The other group was a completely different load. 10 shots. Wasn’t impressive.