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Recently while working on some steel, a local shooter asked if he could join the fun. He was an older gentleman who quickly produced 3 or 4 pistols. One of which I wasn’t familiar with. A small, double-action-only (DAO) pistol called SCCY (Pronounced sky).

It turns out the SCCY pistol was new to this particular owner (and me), and he was having some issues getting comfortable with the DAO trigger. There was some uncertainty about the sights possibly being off. Well, I volunteered to be the crash-test-dummy and take it for a whirl!

The SCCY pistol shot a smidgen high with this ammo, but mechanically was zero’d. Three misses. Which isn’t bad considering one, I don’t shoot DAO that much. Two, I don’t shoot pocket rockets. And Three, I had never seen one before today.

Pocket rockets aren’t my thing, but if you are going to carry one, it’s your responsibility to know how it shoots at multiple distances. This includes ID’ing your maximum, personal ability.

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  • Steve S.

    Used to work in a gunshop and we sold SCCY’s. I think we sent at least 10 of them back for various issues. We finally stopped stocking them. Read that Claude Werner likes them. I personally think that SCCY is just another way to spell SH*T, but I could be wrong…..

    • Hell! Claude broke his DRY FIRING! Look, they are cheap. But much more gun than a Hi-Point.

      If I had to pinch serious pennies and wasn’t a volume shooter, I would buy it first.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • Steve S.

        Didn’t know that about Claude’s! I told him my experiences with them, but he just kinda blew me off. I feel slightly vindicated now 🙂

        One of the guns we sent back belonged to a young woman who bout it fr personal protection. She could not get through a full mag without an FTF, and we tried mags from brand new guns in her pistol, still the same issues. I’d never recommend a SCCY to someone who might have to depend on it for their life. Thankfully, I’m out of the gun biz, so I don’t have to make those kinds of recommendations any more.

        • On balance, they have a spotty reputation. And SCCY that holds up to even moderate use is a statistical outlier.


  • Brennen Munro

    They shoot, and are affordable, and if it means that you will carry… carry it! Like any other gun you will need to practice, but that was stated clearly in the video. They also mentioned “pocket rockets”, and I told you guys about the G26 that I just could not find any love for. Well I sold it and put the money towards a H&K P30sk! It should be here in a day or so, and I will be back to having only hammer fired guns. I got the V3 model with the safety, so it will have the same control layout as it’s big brother. I remember that I told you guys that I would let you know what I had decided to do with it, sale it or mod it, and I decided to just get a smaller version of my carry gun!

    • Having the same gun, only smaller has a lot of sound logic to it.