Score Cheap Ammo for Black Friday

The shopping frenzy starts at 7 p.m. Thursday! The crew at has a bunch of bulk ammo deals they are clearing out. In some cases, these prices are well below wholesale cost. We’re talking $.10 per round 9mm and factory new, brass cased .223 at just $.21 per round. Basically, prices that are 20-30% or more below what “deals” are out there this weekend.

You might know of these guys. They used to be, a retailer that’s been in business on the web since 1998.

The biggest mistake they made in the first 20 years of business? That’s probably picking a business name that is better suited for a phone book than the world of Google and DuckDuckGo.

Starting at 7 p.m. (Eastern) Thursday night, look for steep discounts on bulk ammo. Here are a handful of the deals that’ll go in-stock on their cheap ammo specials page:

  • 500 rounds of factory new, brass-cased 9mm at $49.
  • 500 rounds of factory new, brass-cased 45 ACP at $90.
  • 500 rounds of factory new, steel-cased .223 at $79.
  • 1000 round cases of factory new, brass cased 380 ACP at $90.
  • 1,000 round cases of factory new, brass cased 5.56 at $215.
  • 500 round cases of factory new, brass cased 7.62×51 at $209.

In several of these cases, they can’t tell you the name of the manufacturer because the stuff is priced so low. (You know how manufacturers are… they don’t like to see their product’s “value” lowered in the marketplace.)

With the exception of the steel cased .223, we do know that these deals are all American-made manufacturers and in most cases, buyers will get bulk Winchester, Federal, Hornady or Remington ammo delivered to their door.

There is no mail-in rebate or hoops to just through on these. Just low-prices up front with name-brand ammo headed to you.

As you probably could have guessed, quantities are limited and of course, things will be running white hot with the madness of the holiday weekend.




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