Sharps Rifle Development Timeline

The Buffalo Bill Firearms Museum in Cody Wyoming had a very impressive collection of Sharps Rifles. It started from the earliest designs all the way up to what we call a “Sharps” rifle today.

Hopefully soon we will break out our Shiloh Sharps Sporter #1 and run some drills with it!


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    One of my flat out favorite rifles. Some time back I owned a Shiloh Rifle Co. Sporter #3 .45-70, 30″ heavy octagon barrel, wood and finish upgrades, pewter tip, etc etc. Hit some hard times and had to sell it…that was an unhappy day.

    Back in the Sharps game now though, with a Pedersoli .45-70 and will be placing an order with either Shiloh or C. Sharps Arms for a .50-90…bells and whistles to be determined. 🙂

    You’ll love it; shoot it with BP loads.

    • I’m looking forward to it. There is an old guy I know who runs some BPCR matches and he’s been bird-dogging me for a year to get out with his group.

      But truth be told, I’ll probably not shoot BP. Maybe one of the substitutes. Just don’t really want to mess with it. Which is why I choose 45/70 to begin with since I already support the caliber is smokeless.



  • MickeyG

    Would love to add one of these to my 19th century rifle collection.