SHS 03: Cobray M11

SHS 03: Cobray M11

In this episode of the second hand showcase we feature a gun that was almost mythological in the 1980s: the Cobray M11. 

This gun is in the used showcase at a store in southern Ohio. While this type of firearm isn’t normally respected among the cool kids in the Firemans community; the fact is weapons like this will never be made again. They will increase in value.

As I type this, I am actually debating buying this myself and seeing if we can SBR it. 

And while I understand you will never set any records or achieve any level of accomplishment with this pattern of firearm, it’s a significant design from a certain period of firearms history. And every reference collection should have at least one.

If you wish to contact this FFL about this pistol, click here:





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