STI Trojan 1911. Used.

SHS – The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

Heads up. We are bringing back the Second Hand Showcase video series this week. It’s in editing now. But I have a funny story to tell from the last filing session. 

STI Trojan 1911. Used.

STI Trojan. Old school single-stack 45.

While at Shooter’s Supply Shop in Loveland, Ohio; I was looking at guns to film. And I saw this STI Trojan in the used case.

“Oh! That’ll be cool. Old school single stack competition gun”. 

But…we have been a little 1911 heavy for a while, so I wanted to start with some older MILSURP type stuff. Grabbed a 100 year old gun and ran in back to film. When done, I went to the case to pull out the Trojan for filming and…it had sold and walked out the door. 

STI Trojan 1911. Used.

STI Trojan. Missed it.

Poof! That fast. 

You snooze you loose. Even when making videos. 






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