SIG MCX Recoil Replacement — Mandatory

Seems that SIG USA has issued a mandatory recall for the recoil / carriage assembly of for their MCX line of rifles. For those not initiated, the MCX uses a AR-18 style recoil system. The benefit of that system is no buffer tube in the stock. Meaning…folding stock.

Realizing this post will be up forever, inevitably we will get questions on which recoil assembly do I have? GEN 1 or GEN 2?

SIG MCX bad recoil assembly.

SIG MCX bad recoil assembly.

The GEN 2 is upgraded with a pin to keep accidental discharges from occurring. But more IMPORTANTLY is the spring plate is pinned. There has been some instances where that plate has becomes dislodged while under recoil…locking up the rifle. Bad.

That second part doesn’t get much press. But here is the really, really good news. That pin-plate upgrade is a major improvement and bodes well for the SIG MCX long term. I’m generally “over” AR style rifles, but something about what the MCX brings to the table seems impressive.

SIG MCX Good recoil assembly.

SIG MCX Good recoil assembly.

Here are the serial number ranges for the affected rifles:

Serial numbers 63C000044 – 63C003702 – Contact SIG Customer Service for instructions.

*If you have replaced your trigger group with an aftermarket trigger please contact SIG Customer Service for instructions.
*SIG SAUER Dealers should call designated Commercial Sales Support Representative.

*Any MCX rifle with a serial number ending in 25000 or higher is exempt from this program.

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