So what is a Mountain Rifle?

A handy demonstration about rifle weight. Frankly, I think this is something that has really jumped the tracks in the US shooting community. We are starting to see “some” movement towards lightening up the AR rifles. Some. But the average American rifle is grossly overweight.

Not technologically. But philosophically. The average American “tactical shooter” never carries a rifle farther than from the car to the range. Even at nationally known training schools! Not very, “tactical”.

It’s bizarre. Seriously bizarre. And much like bell-bottoms and feathered hair, many people are going to look back at some of their gear choices and be horrified at their own level of derp. Especially when these same people will tell you that “brontosaurus-maximus” is their “bug-out” rifle.


Now for the weight test in this video. Is it valid? I don’t know. I’ve never hiked a rifle up the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. But I have hiked a rifle multiple miles and do it fairly regularly. It will be interesting to see how some of my favorite bang-sticks fair during this test.

Oh wait? I guess it’s not the rifle that technically fails the test, it’s the shooter. Funny how that works.

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  • Randy Shadoe

    In the same vein, I have no combat experience, but I see modern rifles, ARs, etc. in use in the field and by shooters on the range that seem to have a great mass of accessories and devices attatched that seem, IMHO, to add weight, be prone to snagging, going out of adjustment, etc. Yet I see such in use of professionals who should know better. I would appreciate your opinion.

    • Excellent observation. I am expressing my opinion this way. if “joe civilian” has an AR for “home defense” it needs good sights / RDS. And maybe a flashlight.

      That’s really about it.

      But I see guys sticking, DBAL’s, NVG’s, Bi-Pods, mini-RDS’s on top of their main RDS’s, crazy heavy stocks, 3 feet of rails, and Lord knows what else. And frankly, it’s a complete SHIT-SHOW! Seriously.

      AR’s are great. But what is the goal of THAT AR? Big game? Long Range precision? Home Defense? Each one of those AR’s will look very, very different. AR’s are great. The options people stick on them? Suck.


    • Mikial

      When doing security work in Iraq, the only thing on my M4 was an EOTech sight. If I was doing vehicle borne security I slapped a nice drum mag in, but the minute I una$$ed the vehicle, I dropped it on the seat and inserted a regular old 30 rounder. Trust me, those drum mags are great in a static role but no way would I want to carry it around and try to shot on the run with it.