Stainless Colt Python 4”

I saw this revolver for sale a while back and must admit I am still in lust. For me, 2” and 4” revolvers are the optimal barrel length. Stainless is the optimal finish for me to take care of. And being able to shoot 38 special while pulling that sweet Python double-action? Priceless.

Well. Maybe not. I certain “could” spend $3499 on a handgun. But I can’t spend $3400 on a revolver that, for me anyway, is a boutique buy. I don’t shoot revolvers enough to justify anything I am seeing here.

But whoever said being a “gun-guy” made economic sense?



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  • MickeyG

    Beautiful weapon ! Wish it were mine.

  • Randy Shadoe

    I remember thinking they were pricey at $800.00, I wonder what that is adjusted for inflation, the trigger is sweet smooth.

  • Skyviking

    I’ve run through quite a few Pythons in my lifetime. 2.5″, 4″. 6″-bbls. Shot 2 6″ Pythons for PPC Distinguished Class that had been worked over by my friend Reeves Jungkind, who was a TX DPS lawdog up in Austin. The actions were very nice, but they Always went out of time and had to be reworked (notice I said Two?). I sold them after the S&W 586/686 came out. I did hang onto a 4″ that Jerry Moran worked over, but it sat in the safe so long I about forgot i had it, I sold it to Jim Higginbotham when I found it again. He had been complaining that he needed a Python, which reminded me of it.

    We still have no idea whatever happened to Moran. He was building XP100 Long Range pistols for awhile, but then dropped of the map. He made a Python’s action feel just like a S&W’s – no “stacking” like they normally do.

    The Pythons were plumb beautiful, but in this case, Pretty Is ain’t as Pretty Does over the long haul. My 686 is just as tight now as when it left the factory.