Stoeger Tactical SxS

I saw this in my local gun shop a while back. And on paper I should be hating everything about it. But I have to confess, there was something endearing about this Stoeger SxS. 

It was light. Handy. Synthetic furniture. Simple. Easily accepts a red-dot. Already has a flashlight mounted. And even the stock sleeve allows for more ammo to be carried onboard for quick reloads. 

When I was younger, there were times when I needed to visit some pretty liberal places. It is not such a big jump to imagine HAVING to live in NYC and deciding this is better than a sharp stick. Way better. 

Looking back I wish I had picked this up. If for no other reason than to stress-test my theories about how well this could work. Logic is circular most times. Sometimes something is so dumb, it borders on genius.

Also…since Joe “Bite Me” Biden has been in the news a lot, I wonder if something like this would make his supporters happy or apoplectic? Even further, I wonder at what point am I running this so fast that they change their minds? 





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