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Schmeisser Mag

A while back I saw an article on a 60 round mag for the AR that was not the typical snail drum BS. I was interested in it for several reasons.  First off, it’s only 2 inches longer than a standard PMAG. The mag body is just slightly fatter than the standard AR receiver making it less bulky than a …

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FX-H Polymer 1911

American Tactical pioneered the Omni Hybrid MAXX Series of polymer AR-15s and now has a new FX-H Hybrid 1911 handgun in this line of polymer-based firearms.

The FX-H 1911 has a polymer frame with two metal inserts at the stress points while keeping the overall weight of this full-frame 1911 down to 1.6 lbs. making the FX-H possibly the lightest full-size …