Target Camera Video Test

Target Camera Video Test

What good is making a precision rifle video if the viewer can’t see  the hits as they are happening? I have been aware of this weakness in our content for some time, but needed to solve the spotting scope problem first. 

Now how to connect a camera to the Zeiss spotter? 

One of our followers, Mike C. who works for Zeiss, put us in contact with their Sporting Optics people. After a little bit of explanation they explained how best to do it and which vendors made products to do what I wanted. 

Ultimately we decided to go with a company out of Oregon called Novagrade. And while I am not a “camera guy”, this thing seems like it is very well made. Which shouldn’t be surprising because the mount is Made in The USA. 

The Actual Video Test

So what am I testing here? A few things:

  1. Does it all work?
  2. Can you see the targets?
  3. Will rifle blast shake the camera?
  4. Will it pick up audio?
  5. Will tripod fall over?
  6. Will mount fall off spotter?
  7. Unknown, unknowns? 

Target: Superior Ideas rifle target.

Distance: 471 yards.

Rifle: Blaser R8.

Chassis: GRS Ragnarok

Caliber: 300PRC by J. Sip & Sons.

Conclusion: I got two head shots on video. With no issues. Test is a success.





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