Texas Heart Shot

A couple of us went down to Texas for some pig hunting. Here is a 230lb pig I shot with a Blaser R8 chambered in 270 Weatherby Magnum. The bullet is a TTSX. The scope is a S&B PMII 3-12x MTC just like the USMC sniper scopes. Minus the markings.

The pig crossed in front of my blind while it was still daylight. Moving very quickly. The outfitter said it appeared he was a smart, bigger fellow that wouldn’t stop at feeders but do a kind of “drive by” on them. They had detected the tracks and suspected as much, but this pig proved the theory.

Here’s the thing, he trotted out of the woodline to my left and WASN’T headed towards the feeder. So I had to make a split decision: do I wait and see if he pops back out of cover at he feeder? Or do I go ahead and take the shot I have?

The decision. I put one right up through his butt to fix him, and then finished him off. Hours later when the owner showed up to collect me, I was informed what a, “Texas Heart Shot” was. And that I had succeeded in doing one!

For size reference, I am 6’1 235lbs. The pig weighed in at just over 230lbs.



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  • Charles Hill

    Nice harvest you got there. Impressive damage from a .270 magnum. Always thought the .270 was a little under-powered but it appears that I should’ve done more research. Well done!!! Thanks for sharing Marky.

    • The 270 Weatherby is a screamer. However, Our resident bullet guru wasn’t really happy with how the TTSX performed on this pig.

      I’ll see if I can dig up the pics and post a write up.


      • Charles Hill

        You obviously had confidence in the rifle and ammo to make your decision in that fraction of a second. Everyone I know usually uses a .308, 30-06, or some ridiculously over-powered magnum. Example: my cousin thought he was a real badass when he bought a .300 ultra mag a few years ago. He took a similar shot on a whitetail running away (when he really shouldn’t have). He had to take another shot to finish it off, ended up have to throw the whole deer away because there was just too much damage. I get pissed off all over again when I think about it. The only good thing? He got rid of the rifle shortly after that.

        So kudos for choosing the right tool for the right job. From the pics, it doesn’t look like there was too terribly much damage, did Freeze say otherwise?

        Keep the write ups coming guys, I look forward to anything y’all have to say.

        • There was some damage to this pig. I also wouldn’t characterize 270wby as being less-powerful than 308/30-06.

          The bigger issue with meat from this pig was the Texas flooding. As such they were all eating lots of grass and not hitting the feeders. So they were pretty lean on the fat count.

          My two companions were running 308’s and one 300WM.


  • Conner

    Nice job of ‘makin bacon’ Marky. When I saw your gear I thought, poor guy couldn’t afford a scope so he had to mount his living room telescope on his rifle. DAMN!! That’s a beauty and it certainly ain’t cheap! I had to look it up.
    The very first review I found when looking up your model scope was certainly good enough for me. (I think it’s the same model). Re: S&B PMII 3-12x MTC. This scope has functioned flawlessly, I recommend it! EURO Optic service is the best out there…. Mark Caracci USN SEAL retired.
    If I’m not mistaken I think I remember a story about a female American sniper taking out a Taliban flunky as he was setting up an IED. She also made a fine “Texas Heart Shot” from a very ridiculously long distance. Anyway, great score Marky. Make sure you call us when the pigs in the ground and the beers on ice! 🙂

    • Yeah. I know it’s a bit much for hunting glass. But it’s the first scope I was every professional trained on, it has a big objective for low light, and is MIL/MIL which is my wheelhouse.

      Freeze has been eating the pig all summer. I have yet to get any. But I’ve been traveling so it’s been hard to schedule a time.


  • Brady

    Awesome. Gives me the fever to cull some hogs! Sweet combo on the rifle/ optics. Thanks for sharing

  • Mikial

    The thought of fresh pork roast makes my mouth water. Never hunted wild pig . . . was never in the right place at the right time. Someday.

  • Daniel, God is my judge

    That hog has been eatin’ pretty darn good. Somebody fire up the BBQ.

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  • JBenat3006

    My wife shot a big old boar in west Texas (around Aspermont, Tx) that we estimated to be around the 230 range. Big broad chest and shoulders. She also shot a drake turkey on the same day. My cousin (who’s ranch we were hunting on) and I didn’t kill anything but time.
    The last time we were at Boar Creek Ranch she shot the biggest hog (168 lbs) taken that weekend.
    She shot them with a Tikka T3, 308, Leupold 3 X 12, 50 lighted reticle scope. Not a Blaser but a nice rig.
    Now she want’s to hunt every chance we get. I think we have created a monster!