The John1911 Podcast Episode 37

Episode 37 of the John1911 Podcast.

**I apologize for the degraded sound quality on Freeze’s connection. It’s a software issue we will have addressed before the next episode publishes.

  • Glock 17M – GEN 5 hits the streets.
  • Mall Ninja during NC Mall Shooting.
  • Libertarian Party is running two anti-gun candidates.
  • AR-70 Mags have arrived.
  • Two US Olympians destroy their careers by dis’ing US.
  • CNN gets busted editing weave-girl video.
  • Victory Motorcycles.
  • The FBI won’t stop Hillary or the CGI.
  • More DNC enemies dies mysteriously.
  • UK MOD plane almost crashes because of Nikon camera.



Marky & Freeze

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Brennen Munro

    37 already, wow! and congrats guys!
    The whole deal about the mall “shooting” was that there was no shooting, just a bunch of people that over reacted to a bunch of teenage girls who were screaming and then running around the food court. Then it expanded from there. Did not know about the mall “ninja”, all I have to add to that is that he is one very lucky little gun monkey, that could have gotten himself very, very dead.
    The Glock story made me laugh… again!
    Had a “open-carry” jackass in a resturant on Saturday. He was so proud of his shiny new gun and holster. I could not keep silent and told him just how stupid what he was doing was, and that if he thought that he was going to be keeping his pretty little girlfriend safe with his choice of open carry, then he was so very sadly mistaken. And that if he was under the impression that he would be able to draw on a drawn gun then he was going to die.
    I do not watch cnn, so to hear about them playing fast and loose with the editing does not suprise me.
    People connected to the clintons tend to die of odd causes… a lot.
    PTSD, it has become something that steals from those who were truly effected by the experiences from the events of their life. How it was addressed where I was working was that you were always being asked about how you were sleeping, any nightmares, and those types of issues. I too am so pissed by those who milk the system because they are just to damn lazy to get off their ass and put in the work required to get ahead. I find myself getting so pissed when someone says to me that it must be nice to be getting disability… I have to remind them that I had a job before I got hurt, and that what I get in disability is nothing near what I was making while working, and I would gladly trade positions with them… They would just have to endure the 7 back operations that I have had, be willing to throw-up when the pain got so bad that you could not even keep food down. Those slakers chaff my ass with their being so lazy, hell they work harder at not working than they would if they just got a job. And the big kicker for me is that my wonderful, beautiful, and amazing wife HAS to work. It is not that she has a choice anymore, and this makes me sad and angry.
    I have even had people say something to me because I was smiling when I parked my vehicle in a disabled spot. I just lost it and asked them if they would like me to show them how I really felt about even having to have that damn placard in the first place, because I was ready to beat them to death to express my frustrations in not being able to do, or get from life what I wanted because of having such an F’ed up back. I was very lucky that the officer who responded to the call for the police was an officer I knew from the range. His advice was just to not let the bastards bring you down, and to go home.
    My comment is going to be as long as the podcast if I don’t stop writing! Good jobs guys, looking forward to the next one! Sorry about the rant, it was a hard week and today is the anniversary of the death of a good man. And I am less because of his absence.