The M7 Bayonet

I was doing some work on a few rifles and I ran across a few bayonets I like to keep around. I’m not a knife or bayonet collector, but I have a couple of examples of the US M7 bayonet. This bayonet was made for the M16 rifle but can be used on several other guns as well. The M4 will accept the M7 as well as the Mossberg 590.

The first was made by Imperial Knife Company and rides in a US M8A1 scabbard which is marked PWH.

The second bayonet was made by BOC or Bauer Ord. Corp. and is in the later M10 scabbard.

These bayonets while interesting are not particularly valuable and can be picked up for under $50 dollars. If you have a AR that has a lug on it, I highly suggest you pick one up. They are cool to have around; and as far as bayonet prices go these days, are still affordable.

M7 Bayonets

M7 Bayonets

Most rifles we have in the armory that will accept a bayonet, have a bayonet with it. Why? Because we think it mates well with the gun and is a nice accessory to have.



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  • Mikial

    Agree that bayonets fill out the collection. I have an M7 that only fits one of my ARs because of the variety of compensators, etc. on them. We also have an AK bayonet for my wife’s AK, and a 91/30 for my Mosin. I’ve got a reproduction 10 inch for my Garand, but need to find a genuine one at a decent price.

    To be honest, my wife likes knives and swords, and even battle axes more than I do and we have quite a bit of her collection on our walls. No, they’re not where an intruder would be likely to get to them before we got to him, and not with a blade weapon. We’re very careful about providing weapons to someone who might break into our house.

    • I have no issues with displaying collections. Each home is unique in it’s layout and location. Your wife’s collections sounds very cool.


      • Mikial

        Truly so! 😉