The Rock River Effect

It’s been a very busy few months and I haven’t had any time to myself. So today I decided to take a few minutes and visit a friend who owns one of my favorite gun shops.

Truthfully, it’s rare that I come in without already having some business at hand, but today I wanted to do a little window shopping and make a social call. But…if I end up leaving with a weapon, that’s just by chance. I’m sure you all understand.

Rock River Arms RRA AR-Pistol Boycott Gun

This shop has a small but dedicated, “Used Case” where the usual suspect weapons tend to reside. I know these cases very well. They are usually what I zero in on first when hitting FFL’s. And nothing was really out of place or usual except for one, big, black, tactical thing. A Rock River Arms AR style pistol. And I can’t stress enough for this shop; it was odd.

Rock River Arms RRA AR-Pistol Boycott Gun

I suppose one would need to understand that store to understand the situation. Sure. They sell AR’s and a mess of other modern, military style rifles. But this place, and in particular this case, isn’t really the optimal venue for a mass-produced RRA AR pistol. Most guns on display are older than me.

So I just had to ask, “Boycott gun?”

“Yes and no.”

“Umm…OK. What does that mean?”

“The guy needs money (probably for another gun) so he put this up for sale.”

“Did he mention the recent drama with RRA and Springfield?”

“Yes he did”.

Matter of factly I replied, “Boycott gun. Something had to go. And this gun says RRA on it”.

“I suppose you’re right”.

With a shit-eating grin looking past the Springfield made M1A sitting on the rack, “By the way, what’s your price on a James River Armory, rack-grade, M1A?”




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  • Gary Tompkins

    Illinois firearms manufacturing association is a lobby group. It was mostly funded by springfield arms and RRA. Both companies say they didn’t have any idea what the lobby group was doing. (Read as damage control) I’m still not sure what the real story is. Maybe I should drive over and ask them as i live in northern Illinois. NOT near Chicago, but nearer to the other “shooting range” city. Disclaimer I don’t own any S.A. or RRA products not because of this but just never bought any.

    • It is my understanding that the Lobbying Group opposed the legislation. Which gave some politicians sitting on the fence top-cover to vote against it. When this PAC got carve-outs for Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms, the PAC changed their position from opposed to “Neutral”.

      I am curious. What’s cheaper in the long run? Picking up and moving put of IL? Or getting in bed with the very people your customer’s despise?

      I’m sure right now, the numbers still favor the carve out. But if this thing gets legs and goes on for an extended period of time, SA might have to move ANYWAY! Ditto RRA.

      Then was it worth it?

      The American people for all their flaws and social peccadilloes have been pretty consistent about one thing: despising moral hypocrites.

      I don’t claim to understand minute by minute what has happened or what will happen going forward. But you don’t have be Nostradamus to see the tidal wave coming at SA and RRA.


      • Justin Childress

        Magpul packed up and moved out! What’s the problem SA AND RRA?

        • I haven’t been interfacing with many average gun owners lately. I wonder if this issue is still a thing?


        • David

          Actually, Magpul products are still made just outside of Denver and shipped out of CO for assembly. They MAY still have offices in CO as well, not confirmed. Nice PR stunt though eh? PS: come to CO and buy allllll the hi-cap mags you want, they’re hanging in neatly every shop. I, however, as a resident cannot buy them. Silly eh?

  • Daniel, God is my judge

    I bought a S&W Model 29 44 mag back in the early 2000’s after S&W pulled their faux pas. Mind you, this was a used gun in a pawn shop and I bought it for a really good price. With this in mind, I have a RRA Lar8 operator that I bought several years ago that I really like. Did I agree with S&W’s decisions? No, but then I was buying a used gun that would in no way affect S&W’s bottom line. Do I agree with RRA and SA’s decisions? No. Am I going to get rid of this rifle because I don’t agree with their actions? No, they already have the money for this rifle, me getting rid of this rifle just provides someones else with an opportunity to buy a quality firearm at a firesale price. Besides, I very, very seldom trade or sell a firearm. Would I buy a RRA or SA firearm at this point? No, but that’s not to say things won’t change with their future direction.

    • By my observations, your position is pretty much in line with everyone else. As I understand in this instance, the owner wanted more gun money so something had to go. The RRA issue just made it easy. And I too, doubt he will be buying any SA or RRA items to replace it.