The Ruger Precision Rifle And Big Promises

Ruger Precision Rifle Promotion Image

Ruger Precision Rifle Promotion Image

As I type this, I am resting after getting back from attending the National Matches at Camp Perry. We have been getting inundated with emails about this rifle. Honestly, I am personally as excited about the release as many of you. I am particularly excited to see Ruger step up and actually seriously compete on the “tactical” side of the street. But those are my personal feelings and not based in logic or known facts.


But I am not posting this to actually talk about the Ruger rifle. It was an e-mail I received from someone who has been trying to  learn and get educated on precision rifle shooting that is the genesis of my screed:

“I think I have found my precision rifle. It’s less than half of what I was planning on spending. Do you guys know who has one in stock? I want to buy one before they are sold out”. 

My response, “Dude, Stop!” –Marky 


OK. First, let’s explain to the new reader what we are actually looking at. The RPR which stands for Ruger Precision Rifle. The reason for all the hubbub is the bar being set very high for a very low price point. Relative to the cost for entry into similar featured rifles, the Ruger Precision Rifle  has been reported to offer the following:

  • 308,243 & 6.5CM Calibers
  • Fully Adjustable Stock with all the typical Precision Rifle Series Features.
  • Folding Stock is standard.
  • Rifle is compatible with all existing AR pattern furniture.
  • A user adjustable trigger (2.25#-5#)
  • Accepts PMags, AR-10, M1A and AICS magazines with no adapters.
  • Desirable twist rates and barrel lengths. Note the .243.
  • Factory Threaded and cap’ed.

There is more about this rifle and I am certain some of the data floating around has some errors or omissions. But it’s time for a reality check. Nobody of consequence owns one yet.



Before the pitch-forks and torches get fired up defending your favorite gun writers and fan-boi website hear me out. I am seeing and reading some GREAT stats about this rifle. In one case, Frank Galil over at Sniper’s Hide shot a 1/2 MOA group at 850 yards using 6.5CM Hornady factory ammo.


Ruger Precision Rifle Exploded
Ruger Precision Rifle Exploded Diagram. Click to enlarge


And that is fantastic. No really…it’s FANTASTIC! One would be shocked at how many internet jack-asses go through life claiming they can shot 1/2 MOA, Bench 200lbs, and have Youtube Blackbelts.


But it’s time for a word of caution. Frank is a former USMC Sniper. And he is an avid precision rifle competitor. Someone like Frank is a good litmus test. A starting point. But all the gun-writers you see gushing over the Ruger Precision Rifle might very well be shooting factory tuned ringers. Not production rifles.


$1100 street price for a rifle that Ruger is claiming to offer? If true, they just cut the balls off some of the biggest custom and semi-custom precision rifle shops in the country. But I suggest you hang back for a minute. Wait and see how the production rifles play, off the shelf in Peoria. This is doubly true if $1100-$1300 is all the money you have to spend one-time. Don’t go first. Don’t be the goat. Let “the street” get their hands on it and see if production models meet the pre-production hype.



If something goes wrong, you’ll thank me. If it’s a commercial success, have heart. It’s Ruger. They’ll make a metric S#it-Ton of them. And they will have changed the precision rifle market forever. If you’ve been spending months trying to get educated, learning about precision rifle game, and scoping out your “dream rifle”, waiting a few more months isn’t going to hurt you one iota.


Let the cool kids take the chances. They’re cool like that.




“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Marine223

    YUP! I always do that! As a PLBG contractor I did that & saved $$$$$$$$$$ in law suits from the greatest product ever made AKA Polybutylene pipe & fittings etc ! Billions in Class action Suits that I wasn’t part of because I let SOMEONE ELSE be the Ginny Pig! Besides, I LOVE my M1-A AKA M-14 Tack Driver!


      Great example. I’m seeing rifles that were handed out at a Ruger industry private showing.

      Don’t tell me their A-Team didn’t go through them to make sure everyone had a great experience?

      If so, will the production rifles get the same treatment? Time will tell.

      But there’s no way in hell Ruger would dump a ton of money into a new production line only to get castrated by gun writers.

      Just hang back.


  • Bill Dittenhofer

    Was perusing local gun store, and they had one! it was in 243, several people had turned thier nose up at it because only 6.5 CM is cool. Price was really good, sub 1000$, so I bought it on impulse.
    I have been running commercial hunting ammo thru it, and I average around 1″.
    I am running .75 to just over an inch….
    Not great ammo, but what i could get. i do have dies, etc for 243 varmint rifles,
    so i can gin some up after it gets broken in.

    The ergos are really good for a starter rifle. AR furniture, LOP and cheek rest adjust.
    stock folds, but locks in place rigidly (caveat still new). bolt runs inside the springless buffer tube, like a Tubbs rifle. Trigger around 2# (didnt measure it, but its decent), pretty crisp for a starter gun.
    Takes my AI and supplied MagPul mags, w/o a hitch. put in many places to connect sling swivel, including quick disconnect types.
    Barrel can be removed if you have the wrench/headspace guage/Skill.

    Dont like rear end, replace it with Magpul, other AR stuff. uses a buffer tube as attachment, so any space gun furniture should fit as well.
    Dont like forend, repace it.

    Downsides: no drop in stock, so you have to mount scope high to see thru it.
    buttplate fixed, cant raise or lower it.

    teardown- its a ruger american action. Not bad, but not a premium action (nor does it cost like one)

    IMHO- I think this gun is the 10-22 of its class. Comes with a lot of good features,
    and its going to be easy to modify. If it gets popular, you;ll likely see a lot of add ons made.
    It will make a nice match rifle for NRA High Power. You;d have to get a front sight on it, but rear should attach to rail. Makes a good entry into precision rifle. I was converting my rem 700 based shanlon barrelled Dave Sullivan smithed HP match rifle to precision rifle, now Im going to leave it alone and use the Ruger Precision Rifle for tactical matches.


      Damn. Righteous post! Frankly, the .243 is probably my first choice. Keep us updated!


  • Bill Dittenhofer

    update- So I broke in the barrel.. fired my customary shot sequence, with cleaning between sequences. got about 100 rounds thru it, used some match loads with Sierra Mk, Lapua Brass, bullets seated to mag lenght (fed out of mag). I also switched to hensolt scope, 4x14x56. shots are at 97 yards, indoor range, off bench.
    5 shot group, 4 in same hole, 1 out. no escuses, it is what it is. I hate benches, like to shoot prone with sling,
    My subjective review- Gun isnt as accurate as shanlon barreled sullivan smithed custom 260 rem. but it aint bad. trigger is ok , a little rough. Bolt isnt nearly as smooth, though I dont have to lift my head when I cycle it. gun recoils different than the remington, due to stock (no drop, recoils right back into shoulder). as I explained to observers at range, the recoil is not excessive, just different. Ill get used to it.
    All in all- good gun for price. great starter gun for tactical/precision matches. I;d say it;d make a nice match rifle complement to HP AR shooters. As a system, I think its a hit- the rifle is better than the sum of its parts. they all work together, good combination, nothing superlative but nothing stands out as a weakness.
    I like it. its portable, has features you need for running and gunning. You can upgrade its components easily. I will use it at tactical/precision matches, wont give me any escuses for performance. And I wont be dragging a much more expensive rifle around, nor will I need a porche type stock. Ill keep the rem as a HP match rifle, and get used to the ruger.


      Awesome, Update. I’m glad to read a street review. I also can’t help but chuckle…a Hensdolt scope? On a Ruger? HAHAHAHA!!!! The world has changed. Keep me updated. –Marky

  • Copterman54

    Just want to mention that I bought my rifle in .308 two weeks ago for $999.99 plus shipping $21.68 from a well known dealer in Arizona. My local dealer was very impressed with the rifle. They have not seen one yet until my weapon arrived. If you look around, chances are you will find one at a fair price. I just checked an auction dealer online and they are listing 6.5 CM for $1799.00.


      Very cool. We are watching them. The online price you mention is not unexpected. They are the “it” rifle these days and some are paying way above retail. But the fact it, it’s Ruger. They will crank them out as fast as people want them. We suggest holding out for the real street price like you did. Keep us updated.

      And I appreciate you stopping by as well.


  • Michael Benedict

    Great write up. has a nice list of upgrades for this rifle.

    • Wait? There is already a forum for this rifle? Wow! –Marky

      • Michael Benedict

        Yeah. It is just getting going but a nice dedicated spot to explore for the ruger precision rifle. Take care!

  • Rich Johns

    Still waiting for mine.
    I bought it at the beginning of November and my dealer hasn’t had any luck finding me one.
    I’ve already bought the muzzle brake, the scope, the rings and I even have the Match 168 BTHP’s sitting here awaiting the new arrival. It almost sound as if I’m waiting for my kid to be born. I just hope that it doesn’t take 9 months.

    • Sheesh. I didn’t know they were still hard to get a hold of? Did your dealer give you a great deal? Because I bet many dealers on line have them in stock. –Marky

      • Rich Johns

        The problem with getting it online is that I’ll have to pay$100 or more for the FFL transfer fee.
        They say that they are using 5 suppliers and none them are having any luck.
        “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
        John F. Kennedy

  • Rod Combs

    I consider myself an average or novice shooter. Out of the box, 90 minutes on the range with a $109 scope. 100 yard 3 group @ .625, 200 yard 5 group @ 1.3 and 300 yard 10 group (in 56 seconds) @ 2.8. Most pleasurable day on the range ever for me. Makes me consider competition.

    • That’s solid shooting! Seriously. Don’t let the internet experts tell you any different. If you have the desire to compete in PSR matches, you are obviously ready accuracy wise. Do it! –Marky

      • Rod Combs

        Thanks for the reply. I didn’t even mention I bought mine in 6.5 Creedmoor. Ordered it day after press release from a local dealer in July just got it on January 5th. No time to wait on a decent scope to arrive so I pulled out a Sniper brand 8-24 x 50 I bought months ago. Guess it will just stay on there.

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