WWII Teller Anti-Tank mine.

The Teller Mine

My local FFL has this in the showroom. A WWII Teller Mine. The Teller is an anti-tank / vehicle mine employed by the Germans. Supposedly it needs 200lbs of pressure to detonate.

Additionally, some of the Teller Mines had anti-tampering devices which would set off the explosive should someone try to disarm or move it. Which are the two small fuse holes you see on the side and underneath. 

The dealer has this labeled as possibly US made? The reason being he is not certain if it’s a deactivated German mine used for training? Or a US made training device to for GI’s to get experience with?

What say you?

I should buy it, but am not. At least right now. We have way too many irons in the fire. However…it does hang flat on a wall. So it doesn’t take up any room. 

Decisions, decisions. 






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