The Truth About Valmet Magazines

Here’s the deal with 223/5.56 caliber Valmet Magazines. You have two options: factory originals. Which are good to go and function just like standard Com-Bloc AK mags.

And aftermarket MCP and LIQ modified HK33 Magazines. These magazines are complete dog crap.

They don’t space in correctly to the AK magwell, which can induce a slight yaw. That condition then results in the magazine body getting jammed and not seating in the magwell.

The entire Valmet collector community is either woefully ignorant of the issue due to a lack of experience, or worse yet, willfully ignorant since they don’t want to undercut the resale value of these aftermarket mags. I suspect the latter.

Personally I don’t need your money. So I’m telling you the truth. My authority to make such an observation? That would be the $2000 in magazines you see in this video.

The aftermarket mags might be OK for plinkers. But if you are running and gunning or shooting a qualification on the clock, your only option is factory Valmet mags.

The rest are dog crap.

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  • I know I just hurt the price of LIQ and MCP magazines. But they need to be kicked down hard. They are not acceptable as a viable replacement for factory Valmet mags. Not even close.


  • Mikial

    Sadly, this is the case with so many after market magazines for a wide range of guns. Don’t get me wrong, some are good to go. After all, Magpul started as an aftermarket magazine. But there are too many out there like ProMag and Eagle that suck in the newbs or people who don’t have a lot of cash by passing themselves off as a good product at a low price. And they just aren’t. Consequently, people spend what cash they do have on two or three magazines that don’t work, when they really would have been better off buying even one good quality factory mag.

    • Even knowledgeable gun owners discount how much engineering goes into a magazine design.