The Pump Pillow by Wiebad.

This Pump Pillow is a Thing

So…a few weeks back, I had decided to up my rear bag game. For a decade, I have essentially used only the same one. But where to start?

Obviously, “Officer Mike” of course! Not only is he a SWAT sniper, but he is always on the cutting edge of shooting gear. If he doesn’t own it? He knows about it. 

And with that he gave me his recommended list of rear bags to try. (CLICK HERE for the list). 

One of the oddest was with thing called The Pump-Pillow. I don’t know how to describe it other than it reminds me of a little kid’s lunch-box. Except in camouflage. 

Also…the name is a misnomer. The word, “Pump” does not mean it’s inflatable or adjustable. Turns out the designer of this bag is also a gym-rat and his nickname is, “Pump”. So…it’s Pump’s Pillow. Which probably end’s up being shortened to, “Pump Pillow”. 

Summation: When I ordered this, I thought it was goofy looking. Probably never would have given it a second thought. But after trying to use it for literally less than 7 minutes, I’m super intrigued. Not there yet, but theoretically I could see this being the “one bag” some guys grab for all their shooting. 

Officer Mike and I discussing the Pump Pillow after shooting with it.

Officer Mike and I discussing the Pump Pillow after shooting with it.

Good call, Officer Mike. 






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