Time Trials From A Holster

In the real world, the most important time you can work on is drawing from the holster and getting that first hit. A lot goes into it. Things like clearing a garment, getting that good firing grip, drawing the weapon from the holster, rotating the gun towards the target, bringing your hands together, driving the sites to the target and breaking the shot.

And actually hitting the shot. All without shooting yourself like Tex Grebner (Sorry, Tex).

Notice two holsters? Practice for all types you use!

Notice two holsters? Practice for all types you use!

If you don’t have a lot of money, you can get some serious practice in just shooting one magazine’s worth of ammo. If you get good, or bored, you can add a second empty mag to the process to add reloads and weapon manipulation. CLICK HERE to see how to setup slide-lock reload drills.

One mag. 10-15-17 rounds? That’s not a lot of money or…time invested.

Is your target challenging or a 4

Is your target challenging or a 4″ wide burner you can’t miss?

No excuses.


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