Two Cool Webley Revolvers

While visiting one of my regular FFL’s on other business, I happened to notice a man who was taking possession of two very interesting Webley Revolvers. Being that I don’t know much about Webley’s I took the chance to ask him about his pending purchases.

As I understand it, these two revolvers are very unique. One is somewhat of a commemorative which explains the display case. Special note: Check out the next play on words engraved on the barrel.

The second Webley was made in 1933. And was marked R.A.F. That’s the UK’s Royal Air Force. So…it’s reasonable to assume this pistol is a WWII service weapon carried during combat operations. Pretty neat.

Webley Revolver with R.A.F. Royal Air Force markings. Pretty neat.

Maybe one day I’ll have to get educated on the type and pick one up.

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