How to Adjust a rifle stock

Up For Down – Down For Up

Playing with a fully adjustable stock. The general rule is to raise the butt for prone. And lower the butt for standing. 

So let’s see how this goes? I do know that getting a better bipod for this configuration is a must. Something further out on the hand guard AND quick detachable. 

  • Rifle – Blaser R8
  • Caliber – 243.
  • Barrel profile – Heavy weight, fluted match. 
  • Ammo – Federal soft points. 
  • Chassis – GRS Ragnarok. 
  • Scope – Steiner 5-25x
  • Bipod – Atlas. 
  • Distance – 250 yards. 
  • Target – Steel plate. 

Conclusion: Pretty neat. Obviously my standing shooting needs a lot of work. Additionally how I used the Pump Pillow was not optimal since I wasn’t maintaining positive control of the rifle both forward and rearward. 




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