Update on Truck Gun Condition

Was doing some Spring Cleaning and figured some of you would like an update on my Truck Gun Project. Specifically condition.

The PTR 91 GI (US copy of a HK 91 – G3) resides in the back of the pickup all year round. Being inside of a modern tennis bag, it gets zero notice. And I mean zero. No matter how many times it is seen when I open the bed, it doesn’t get a second look. I have serious doubts any “tactical bags” would have been so successful. Something I suggest you seriously ponder before spending big money on another “tactical bag”.

The PTR has been exposed to below zero temperatures of winter, Texas heat, Gnat Line humidity, salt air of South Carolina low-country, and the tallest mountains East of the Mississippi.

The truck has been to service centers, drive through car washes, valet parking, farms, federal facilities, police stations, National Matches, fancy restaurants, McDonald’s drive-thru coffee, 2 law firms, a number of ghettos, deer camp, pig hunts, 2 hospital runs and everything in between.

PTR-91 Outside Of Tennis Bag

PTR-91 Outside Of Tennis Bag

Checked the rifle for corrosion and all I can find is on the muzzle device. Appears to be minor surface corrosion. No big deal. Barrel, chamber and internals look fine. Functions fine. Good to go.

Truck Gun as it sits today. The pallet is for a target-stand project and the dirt is from steel targets. Typical environment.

Truck Gun as it sits today. The pallet is for a target-stand project and the dirt is from steel targets. Typical environment.

If corrosion bothers you to the point of distress, I certainly can sympathize. But I NEED a truck gun. And over the course of the last year, it WAS pressed into unexpected service. So my priorities are more on having it, and less on the muzzle device.

Your mileage may vary.


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  • Conner

    I’ve been thinking about doing that Marky but always worry about my truck getting stolen while I’m in some place and then some wad hurting someone else with it. Here in Tucson most of us (with any sense) always carry anyway. So there’s that, but we all know carrying something with some range is always good. I’m guessing you can or do carry the ‘tennis bag’ while you leave your truck. Hmmm….you got me thinking. Mini 14, Enfield #5 or even a Ruger 10-22. I’ll stay on that. Hey, you should start a line of tactical tennis bags 🙂

    • Tactical tennis bags. I buy whole sale tennis bags for $10. Rebrand them tactical, and sell them for $150. And then over a discount code for 25% off. I’d make a killing.

      My Truxk. Vehicle theft is always a concern. But even then, they would need torches and time to break out the rifle locked in the bed area.

      No. Tennis bag rides in back full time like a spare tire.


  • Brennen Munro

    I was thinking that you could just spray the “muzzle device” with some heat resistant rust-oleum paint. It would keep away surface rust and protect the feelings of those who may be distressed! I did this myself with an old beater shotgun that I wanted in the trunk, but did not want the sea salt air to destroy. It worked surprisingly well for what I needed done.