UTV Crash

First of all, this was not us. I need to get that out of the way. But knowing social media, especially Facebook, it will be humorous to watch all the critical comments calling us names. No worries, my ban hammer is ready. They aren’t going to deter me from sharing some interesting photos.

It's obvious what happened.

It’s obvious what happened.

So…I occasionally have to do some off-road driving training. It’s OK. I don’t dislike it. But I don’t “love it” either. It something I have to do and I punch my ticket and move on. Oh! One more thing! We have to drive actual 4-wheel drive vehicles like trucks and jeeps. We can’t drive UTV’s, go-karts, or whatever these things are called.

Overturned UTV

Overturned UTV

On the last iteration of off-road training, we ran across a flipped UTV (Unknown Turnover Vehicle? I kid). The facility where this happened is not open to the general public, but there are recreational drivers there. So we had to stop and check.

No one inside or on scene. Called in and moved on.

No one inside or on scene. Called in and moved on.

It was odd the vehicle was alone and nothing had gone out on the radio about a flip. And I half expected to find someone trapped inside. But it appears the driver either hitched a ride or was hiking out. So we called it in. Marked the location and moved on.

We had a schedule to keep and time is money.



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