Game Changer, Wiebad Bag, standard rear bags.

Various Shooting Bags

About a year ago, I decided to up by shooting bag game. As such, I have been buying and playing with quite a few variants. While I am not in a position to choose one vs the other, perhaps the home gamer might get some ideas. 

Various Shooting Bags

Home made rear shooting bags.

These first two mags are my original rear bags. I’ve been running these for over a decade. And they are actually hand-me-downs from a sniper I used to work with. These were his before we upgraded to a OEM product. 

These two cylindrical bags are the first professionally made rifle bigs I ever owned. They are perfectly fine. Not good or bad. I’m going with fine.

Various Shooting Bags

Cylindrical rear bags.

This next bag is from a company known as Wiebad. And it’s pronounced just like it spells. “Wee’-Bad”. I haven’t had a chance to shoot off this bag yet, but it seems like the most useful. This model is super heavy for it’s size. And with that weight comes the benefit of being “dead”. As in not lively. 

Not incidentally, it seems like this bag would excel when used on a barricade or truck sill. 

This bag is made by a company known as Armageddon Gear. This model of bag is known as…I think…”The Game Changer”. I’ve heard about this bag for years. That’s a lot of bragging to live up too. 

Various Shooting Bags

The Game Changer shooting bag.

The final bag is known as, “The Pump Pillow”. Don’t know much about it. And I bought it on Officer Mike’s suggestion. As far as I can tell, it’s kinda like a grown-man’s fetal pillow. But in a good way. 

It’s designed to fill large voids in the user’s body during position shooting. Does it? Dunno. The pictures seem to show as much. But what really threw me for a loop was watching Officer Mike use one to get into various shooting positions. 

Various Shooting Bags

Size comparison Pump Pillow.

Which one will be my go-to choice? Stay tuned and find out. You’ll know the same day I figure it out!





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