Video Adjusting 223 FAL Gas for Wolf Ammo

As promised, we have pulled the 223 FAL (SAR 4800) out of the armory and are working it up for some future drills. Here you see me function checking, stress testing, and adjusting the gas system to cycle notoriously under-powered Wolf 55g steel cased ammo.

Why Wolf? Simple, we shoot a lot, as do many of you. Budget priced 55g ammo is living in the real world for this project. I certainly am not blowing through a thousand rounds of Gold Medal Match in what is basically a 300 yard tac rifle.


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  • Conner

    I have two FALS just off my workbench after going through both muzzle to butt stock. They’ve been stored away filthy for several years and my friend now wants to sell them. I had never shot one before. I really enjoyed them during test firing post complete take down. Very nice trigger and seem to be very reliable after diligently cleaning the chambers of both. The only issue I had is that I couldn’t hit squat because the front was so heavy and this old man couldn’t hold it steady enough from a standing position. A lot of fun to shoot just the same. I notice you used a nice little wrench to adjust the gas. These are both able to adjust with thumb and forefinger. Also they both have the three position safety lever that will switch to the original auto position. I found that neither is auto capable which is easy to do. I was wondering if yours has the same. These are both.308 and can put rounds downrange just as fast as you can pull the trigger. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of one with a capable shooter on the other end.

    • As a design, I have always heard the FAL needs to be carried and used by a more competent soldier since they require a little more diligent maintence than some Com-Bloc weapons.

      I’ll have to check on the markings on ours. It’s SEMI for sure and not a NFA item.

      BTW….something to consider. The 223 FAL is smaller and lighter than the 7.62 version. You feel like a cheater when you pick it up.

      Complete blast to shoot. Highly recommended!