Video – Reporter Loses Eye To Shrapnel

With the advent of more and more people using cameras and more and people people using those cameras in dangerous places, content like this is no longer filtered by the censors.

Here is an example of how someone loses an eye on the battlefield. While getting slammed with shrapnel from military munitions might not be par-for-the-course. There are quite a lot of shooters in the US who regularly shoot at steel targets without eye-protection on.

In my much younger days, I had one close call with a ricochet that hit me square in the eye-box. Early 80’s. I have damn, damn lucky there was not permeant damage. But just a few millimeters another way, and my name would be, “Pirate Marky”.

Don’t be Pirate Marky.

You have been warned.


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  • Brennen Munro

    Things can go sideways so fast. He is lucky it was just an eye and not his life. But how many times have we cut corners thinking nothing is going to happen to us? I passed on an afternoon of shooting once because I had left my shooting glasses at home. I took some ribbing for it, but the guys I was shooting with respected my decision to sit that session out. Could I have shot, sure… but why? I need my eyes, I did not need to shoot that afternoon.


    • I have been hit too many times to count by spall. Most very minor. A few bell ringers.


    • One more thing. We don’t know if he survived or not. There is always a chance the damage was worse than just the eye and passed later from complications.


      • Brennen Munro

        There is that too… I was trying to give chance the benefit of doubt on that call.


  • Mikial

    I wear glasses, so I always buy my glasses as industrial safety glasses so I have shatterproof lenses and a solid frame. Add a pair of detachable side shields and they work pretty well for shooting. I also wore them on missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and it made me feel a lot better knowing I had them.

    But I would see clients running around in nothing but a plate carrier (since that was the minimum protection required by their employer) and I always shook my head at their ignorance. This reporter was of a similar mindset . . . ‘this stuff is uncomfortable so I’ll just wear enough to comply with the minimum requirements.”

    Now’s that working out for you?

    • Makes you wonder if the piece that tagged him was the last in a recent string to roll in? Or did he really get tagged out of the blue? Or put another way, should he have been down in cover and decided he wanted to film since “it was quiet”?


      • Mikial

        I don’t think there’s any question the guy should have been in cover. Reporters like to give the impression that they are reporting from a position of great danger.

        I recall a CNN crew we were babysitting in Baghdad at one point back in 2006. They wanted to shoot a dramatic report, so the female reporter dressed up in her full PPE (helmet, vest, etc. ) and then proceeded to send a report from the Green Zone while the cameraman filmed her through the smoke and fire of a burning dumpster some locals had set on fire. The report was about the heavy fighting in the city. There WAS heavy fighting, but not in the Green Zone.

        In this case, the guy was actually in a dangerous position and paid the price.

  • Daniel, God is my judge

    Man, that is tuff to watch.

    • Don’t disagree. But I decided the content and message was more valuable then the shock factor. Most people have never really, really seen an eyeball pop. Why? The movies don’t show it. And the MMA won’t allow it.


  • Outlaw

    Only takes once.

  • MickeyG

    Re, the reporter, if you’re gonna run with the big dogs, you gotta know how to raise your leg. I would hope that the troops he was with tried to clue him in !

  • Reports should also have safety wear, while covering the threat prone area they are also under sudden threat. Full body protection is must to avoid life taking events.