Video — Second Strike And Why It Doesn’t Matter

There seems to be this persistent rumor on our social media properties that only a handgun with “second strike” or “double strike” capability will be considered for the Army’s proposed Modular Handgun System. Aka the MHS.

The two weapons used to demonstrate in this video are

Glock 35 GEN 4 FDE
S&W 325 Thunder Ranch

It would have been better if I had a DA/SA handgun for this video, but it seems they are all currently checked out of the armory. So I made due with the 325 revolver.

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  • Brennen Munro

    Thanks Marky, good explanation for some of the new kids! Even though the manual of arms has changed since I started carrying, I am still old school enough to keep carrying my hammer fired gun. It is a modern plastic fantastic from H&K though, I am EDCing a P30sk. I do like the fact that it is the same as my P30 that I will be wearing if we have issues with our Hero’s in Blue being over whelmed. I would have thought that would never happen here, but we are just up the highway from Charlotte, and some of those folks have lost their damn minds. The military is always going to be a reflection of what the officers in charge were exposed to during their formative years, and many of the guys who are now in positions of power, cut their teeth on Glocks and other striker fired guns from 30 years ago. It is just the way things progress.