Video — They said you can’t…

Shoot steel cased ammo. Out of your good guns. Your precision guns. Your custom guns.

So who exactly is, “they” anyway? Some self-appointed guru? The guy with 10,000 posts on some gun forum? Some “operator” named, “Fiddleback 1” from SEAL Team 47?

Look. I get it. But in the shooting world there really are only 2 types of people: those who shoot and those who jive.

Guess which group tends to produce the more competent shooters?

So shoot what you got. When you got it. Because skill is perishable. And jive is just that: jive.

Blaser Tactical 2.
223 barrel.
Wolf 55g steel cased ammo.
Ringing steel.


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • MickeyG

    I’ve shot Eastern European, South American, Phillipine, Malayan, etc, etc, ammo in all of my weapons at one time or another, never had a problem. Though for the serious stuff, I’ll use USA ammo !

    • Generally speaking US made ammo tends to have some of hightest quality, consistently.


      • MickeyG


  • Brennen Munro

    I think it may have been “Fiddle-head .5” of the “Mule Team” who parsed out that wisdom! Shoot what you got… stored in your doomsday cache will not make you a better shooter.


    • Guys on the gun forums always find a way to virtue signal.