Video — This Is a Bad M&P Shield Holster

I hate buying new gear. I really do. Because we are just too damn busy actually shooting to be dicking around with new, untested stuff. So imagine my surprise when one of my goto-holster companies sent something so egregious, it is getting sent back.

The point? At the end of the day, it is the USER who is responsible if something goes wrong. The name on the package won’t be sending a lawyer or paying anyone’s medical bills. So if YOU don’t like something, damnit say something!

You are the captain of your own ship.



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  • Steve S.

    Wow, that is messed up!!

  • Mikial

    Agree with the ‘say something’ sentiment.

    I bought a holster that was highly touted and advertised, but when I got it I was very disappointed. It was a composite with screws holding the holster to the backing that seemed like they had to be tightened daily and the holster just wasn’t comfortable for me.

    To their credit, they accepted the holster back and refunded my purchase price so even though i wasn’t satisfied with the product, they were men of honor.

    That says a lot.

    • It does. And I am of two minds on something like this. I deal with “customer service” on the receiving end. So I have had my share of “irrational dickheads” jumping off the ledge at inappropriate times. And I don’t appreciate it one bit. But…if we screwed something up, I have to try and look past it and get to the heart of the problem. And make it right

      Freeze has been wanting is to do more videos for over a year. It was a holiday weekend. I don’t do anything on holidays, so I had some quiet time in the armory to have a teachable moment about holster fitment.


  • Brennen Munro

    “Just tighten it up”? I would have told her that I do prefer to have blood flow into my lower extremities. Wow, just amazing how far customer service has dropped with some folks. I also would like to add, that any time you are dealing with firearms, or knives, or other types of gear that can do great bodily harm when not secured properly, you need to hold your product to a higher standard than if you are making plastic drink cups and kid widgets.
    Because my carry rotation guns are not as common as what many are carrying, I have a harder time finding manufacturers who have molds for them. But on the plus side, when I do find someone who has the proper molds, I am going to get something that fits correctly. Still shaking my head over the CS reply to you…


    • Luckily the Shield is a very popular handgun. I’m confident the staff member will find a holster solution that we will sign off on.


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