Taylor Freelance Base Pads.

VP9 Base Pads

Well…it was inevitable. If I am running a real mag-well for the VP9, I will need to run extended mags. Unfortunately I have not found a plus-anything that is satisfactory for duty-level carry. 

So…I had to break down and just buy some extended plates for regular capacity reloads, and address extended capacity later. 

Taylor Freelance Base Pads.

Extended TF base plate inserted into Taylor Freelance Magwell.

Initial impressions are ok. Not great. Just ok. The reason I say that is because when initially installed, I was able to pop the base off by just pushing it forward. No bueno. That almost guarantees this system will fall apart when loaded, or dropped on hard surfaces. 

I even checked and rechecked the round plunger to confirm it was in place. Appears to be so. But after loading one of the mags? I heard a distinct “click”.  And now everything seems to be in place. 


Taylor Freelance Base Pads.

VP9, extended pad, factory base plate.

Why? I don’t know what I don’t know. Obviously “something” happening at the bottom plunger. But I haven’t figured it out yet. I like definitive answers. So until I have one, you’re not getting a definitive opinion from me. 

Additionally I am not 100% certain the pads are only staying on because the mags are fully loaded? I.e. Spring pressure. I certainly hope that’s not the case. So the only path to divine answers is to hit The Pit and run ‘em hard. 

More to come.







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