WW1 German Helmet Found in Afghanistan

War and history are indelibly intertwined. Which is why many times those who are deep into the firearms culture are also students of history. And this is the best example I have found in recent memory.

While traveling earlier this year (2016) I had a chance to pursue a a fascinating private weapons collection. One thing that grabbed my eye was this helmet located in the GWOT (Global War On Terror) section.

There is a full letter dated and signed by the soldier that brought it back.

There is a full letter dated and signed by the soldier that brought it back.

The owner relayed the story, with documented proof and provenance, that US troops had discovered WWI era German equipment stashed in a cave. As I recall, this stuff was found in 2002 but my mind is fuzzy on that specific information.

Part of

Part of “The Great Game” played in Astan early 1900’s?

But when you look back at the historical record, you very easily see how WWI era arms and equipment ended up in Afghanistan. We are fortunate that some thoughtful folks went to the trouble to not only bring some of it back; but also to write the stories down for future generations.

WW1 German helmet Astan

WW1 German helmet Astan

It is my sincerest hope that the US Government and DOD change their policies and restrictions towards “war trophies” and captured arms being brought stateside. If we don’t preserve this kind of history, stuff like this will be forever lost to the winds of war.




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