WW1 Soldiers’ French Phrase Book

In my heart, I am always “looking”. Either for knowledge, experiences, information, answers and sometimes pirate treasure!

Yes, really. If placed in a situation that doesn’t seem even remotely interesting or promising, I am willing to delve into it “one time”. It’s a habit I formed working. Spending many, many hours waiting for something to happen is probably the most common method of developing mental focus.

In this case, I was passing through an area killing time. Just walking in places and seeing what’s going on. Exploring. In the most unexpected place, I found a WWI Soldiers French Phrase Book.

It’s a neat piece of military history. I took some photos to share for our milsurp minded readers.



“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Mikial

    I have a German friend (from Dusseldorf) who was a member of the Legion. That’s the French Foreign Legion for those who may not know . . not you Marky, I know you do. I met him in the airport in Amman, Jordan after a contract doing PSD work in Iraq in 2004. I noticed his Legion tat and struck up a conversation with him. He turned out to be everything a Legionnaire should be . . . smart, funny, serious when the need arose, and just a great all-around guy.

    I still stay in touch with him, and whenever i need a CP detail to work in eastern Europe he is my first go-to person. I consider myself richer for knowing him.

    • Sounds like a neat guy. Wish I knew him. See if he likes Tusker beer. –Marky