Yaqui Holster Issue — Demo Video

I keep getting inquires about specifically why I don’t like Yaqui style holsters. Previously I have addressed it, but it seems I need to have a video demonstrating exactly why they are terrible for real world carry.

Just a convenient holder for your uncommon bullet launcher? Fine. Something to actually carry in the real world? That is a bad idea that could easily lead to disaster.

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  • Terri Eckrode

    Personally…. Any weapon I carry strapped to me has a custom holster. Designed for only the type of weapon I’m carrying. Lucky for me I’m married to a man who makes them for me.

    • HA! You are in the car-bird seat for sure!


  • Doug McHone

    I have one of these. I use it IWB and don’t have the issues you describe from that angle. It’s not my EDC holster, but it works fine in a pinch.

    • IWB would mitigate the issue somewhat. But not completely enough to be considered safely as a duty holster.

      But it’s just a theory because I have never done it. I have a suggestion.

      The next time you are wearing that set up, check and see if you can recreate the problem on the banister. As if you are falling, or wrestling on the ground, or otherwise collide with the banister.

      I personally saw a guy lawn dart his gun out of the holster, on a banister, in a government building stairwell.

      The gun went clank, clank, clank down the stairs.



      • Doug McHone

        I wasn’t able to recreate it IWB. I carry more at the 2:30 position, so it isn’t as exposed to chair arms as a 3:00 position would be. The tension from my gun belt also assists.

        You are definitely correct about the trainer or range officer. I’m fine with them having a few of these for students who need something in a pinch, but I would expect them to lead by example with a higher quality personal holster for their own pistol.

        In Stealthgear I trust,

        • Thanks for the follow up. It’s always a good idea to check your own gear for results. Both positive and negative.