Yaqui Style Holsters Are Bullcrap

This needs to stop. Seriously. Stop buying these pieces of crap. Stop wearing these pieces of crap. Stop pretending these aren’t pieces of crap. And stop telling new shooters these AREN’T PIECES OF CRAP!

When I see a Yaqui style holster, I know at least one of possibly two things. One, this person probably doesn’t know much about guns. Or…Two, this person lives and works in a very controlled environment and not the real world.

Oh…here it comes. “But…but…Jeff Cooper”.

Naming dropping doesn't make it right: Col. Jeff Cooper with crappy Yaqui Style Holster.

Name dropping doesn’t make it right: Col. Jeff Cooper with crappy Yaqui Style Holster.

Knock that crap off. It’s 2016! If Jeff Cooper were to start his shooting career over today, would he be carrying and using the exact same equipment the original Jeff Cooper carried in 1973? Hell! Using that dumb logic, why wasn’t Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper dressing like a military officer commissioned in 1783 with some bright red pants and a big white feather in his hat? Because on the modern field of battle, that’s the “shoot me first outfit”.

Louis Awerbuck wears Gunsite branded Yaqui holster. I don't care who's name is on it. It's still crap.

Louis Awerbuck: Gunsite branded Yaqui holster. I don’t care who’s name is on it. It’s still crap.

The entire point of Jeff Cooper’s career and legacy was to test ideas and measure results. Figure out what works, discard what doesn’t. And if something better comes along, follow the data. The world didn’t stop spinning in 1973, did it?

Here’s the honest bottom line on Yaqui style holsters. A civilian gun owner could carry a handgun everyday of his life from the age of 8 to 80. And let’s say he never, ever “needs” his weapon. Never uses his weapon. Hell, he never even shoots it or trains with it. His WHOLE life the gun sits in a Yaqui style holster. Unfired. Both open and concealed carry under a garment.

With me?

Now…How many times in life (from 8-80) is he going to sit in an actual arm-chair? Work, school, business, mass transit, vehicles, porches, back yards, restaurants, weddings, coffee shops, etc. You name it.

Did I lose you?

The bane of every Yaqui style holster: chairs with arms.

The bane of every Yaqui style holster: chairs with arms.

A chair with actual arms. Of varying sizes and heights. And widths. And how many times will the bottom of that gun hit the arm and be dislodged from it’s holster? Either dangling precariously lose in the holster or outright hitting the floor like a lawn dart? Once a month? Once a year? Is any of that even acceptable?

Selfish moron alert.

I have seen these holsters launch their guns like freaking Lawn Darts!

I have seen these holsters launch their guns like freaking Lawn Darts!

If your response is to show me a particular type of chair, with your one body type and how YOU don’t have a problem, in that one instance; see category TWO above. If you say this is a non-issue, see category ONE.

These holsters are more "cute" less "smart".

These holsters are more “cute” less “smart”.

Knowing what we know now. And the availably of affordable, quality holsters world wide, putting a Yaqui style holster in front of a new student as anything other than an example of what not to do is border-line criminal. The ghost of Jeff Cooper needs to rise up and start smacking some sense into you bitches.


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Kanoe Souza

    SMACK SMACK! My 13 year young son says to get a Blackhawk! lol

  • Daniel, God is my judge

    ROFLMAO! Marky, you nailed it. I carry a Kimber ultra carry or a Colt New Agent, both with XS tritium sites. Needless to say they are Officer Model sized. I bought a scabbard style holster, (one piece of leather folded over and stitched on one side) with a retaining strap that snaps. It was made in Mexico and was not really designed right. The belt loop was too far down and the weight of the gun caused the butt to stick out and it hung straight down. I happen to live near an Amish saddle maker and leather worker who can do miracles with leather. I took the Mescan El Cheapo to him and told him to make the belt loop higher and change the angle so it gets an FBI forward cant and size it to fit the shorter models. The guy lined it with suede, put a hammer guard (I hate having a hammer diggin’ in my muffin top) AND put a really nice basket weave pattern on the holster. Cost me $58 bucks plus the El Cheapo for a pattern. I like the idea of being able to slip the strap between the hammer and slide, the trigger is covered, and I never worry about the gun falling out or somebody grabbing it. The gun rides high and tight and with the forward cant you hardly know its there when sitting.

  • Mikial

    When I was working on a contract in Iraq, our Security Director back at the home office was always really concerned about us. He made sure we had nice Kimber 1911’s and Colt M4’s, and he regularly made sure we got shipments of 5.11 shirts and pants. He is a great guy and remains a friend to this day. But at one point he sent us all Yaqui holsters for our Kimber 1911s. I still have mine and it has never once been on my belt or had a gun in it. I took one look at that thing and said, “You have got to be kidding me.”

    I carry concealed in a Crossbreed and open in a simple UTG belt holster. No way would i ever use a Yaqui holster. Pure stupidity.

    • Jesus! Using a Yaqui style holster in Iraq is a sure way to lose your pistol!


      • Mikial

        Yeah, that’s why we all thanked him for his support and threw the holsters into the bottoms of our footlockers. I still have mine . . . it’s never been on my belt or held a gun and it never will.