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Firing 1891 Rolling Block Pistol

Firing the 1891 Rolling Block Pistol

It’s unusual to be able to actually shoot some antique firearms, but being that this is a rolling block pistol in 22 RF; and...
Thumb - Remington Iroquois Revolver

Remington Iroquois revolver

The Remington Iroquois revolver is the smallest in the Remington line. It's a little 7 shot 22 rimfire, and was introduced to compete with...

CMMG 22 Conversion Kit – Second Generation

Previously we had published a video discussing a CMMG 22 kit we had purchased 9 year ago at SHOT. It didn’t run very well....

CMMG Replaces 22 Kit

This is a follow up to a post we made on social media in regards to some issues we were having making a CMMG...
Old School Unertl Scope Adjustments

Winchester 52 First Shots

I picked up a Winchester 52c from an estate auction earlier this year. It's a pretty attractive setup and I was very lucky to...

.22LR Martini-Henry Rifle

I have been on a Martini- Henry kick the past year. I blame the movies Zulu and Zulu Dawn. As such, I have been...