Friday, September 24, 2021
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Pistol Box Drill

Old Man Runs Box Drill

It’s 97 degrees and every time I run, the damn PACT timer falls off! So even though there is not timer, at least I...

Is It Safe To Dry-Fire 1911s?

In short, yes. Just adhere to a few simple tips. While I don’t have a problem with “occasional” slide drops on an empty chamber,...
llama 1911

POTD – llama Model IV

POTD - llama Model IV They said, “Why would someone want a 9mm 1911?”. “9mm 1911’s are just wrong.” “1911’s were designs for nothing was 45ACP”. Well….1931 is calling...
9mm 1911


What is CAGPT?  Delta Airlines uses this moniker on checked luggage that contains firearms. I can only assume they also use it for items of...

POTD – Caught Freeze Looking

Caught Freeze admiring the features and build quality on the Wilson eXperior. He’s more of a traditionalist when it comes to 1911s. And he...

EDC X9L Bill Drill – 2.12 Seconds

Shot this a few weeks ago. I now have the EDC X9L Bill Drill down to 2.12 seconds at 7 yards. The trigger cadence...

Overcoming Trigger Freeze

So while focusing on mastering The Bill Drill, I started to notice some trigger freeze at speed. So in order to address that, and...

Single Stack Bill Drill Work

Yes, I am also shooting Bill Drills with the single stack 1911. Wilson Combat eXperior, 5”, 9mm, 1911.  Is this a, “great run”? No. Let...

EDC X9L Bill Drill 2.29 Seconds

Working Bill Drills pretty hard lately. 7 yards. My goal is to hit 2 seconds or better. The good news is I have already...

1911 Camera Test

Just like the video title says. This is a camera test. Nothing more. Projects in the works.  Barricade - Vikings Tactics VTAC. Pistol 1...

White Wilson Grips

Some of you have noticed the white Wilson grips on the eXperior 1911. And even a few have asked how did we got those? The...

eXperior 1911 Pull Weight

After shooting the 30 yard plate rack sequence, we received a few inquires about the Wilson eXperior 1911. In particular what is the pull...

30 Yard Plate Rack

Got some “me time” in at the range on Sunday. The snow was falling and the steel was cold. Felt like putting some time...

Professional Photo Test 2

Here is the second gun form the photo test. The previous gun was obviously well worn. Now this example is in much better shape.  Wilson...
Fiber-Optic Front Sight Replace

Fiber-Optic Front Sight Replacement 

Happy New Year from the John1911 Armory. It’s Friday AM and I am knocking this off the to-do list. Replacing the FO insert on...