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Luger Replacement Grips

Replacement Luger Grips 

So...those replacement Luger grips from SARCO are done. FYI...”minor fitting” probably didn’t mean what you think it means. But it’s a good product and...
German P08 Luger. Mismatch pistol. 42 Luger Replacement parts.

P08 Luger – German Bubba?

So here’s the story with this video. We have a German P08 Luger in the reference collection. It’s a shooter grade, non-matching example. And...

Video – Will a German Luger Run HP Ammo?

This was a short video we filmed one night when the subject came up about shooting modern HP ammo out of an old German...

POTD: Steyr Hahn P08 & Luger P08

I don’t like guns I can’t shoot. Some are too valuable to shoot since they are NRA 99% original. Others are too expensive to...

CORBON Urban Response Load

CORBON showed a new 9mm Luger +P 100-grain Urban Response load. With a velocity of 1,475 fps, the light bullet packs 480 ft.-lbs. of...

POTD – Our Luger

I’ve never been interested in the Luger pistols. They are cool and I get the historical significance. And frankly 30 Luger doesn’t have a...