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POTD - Beretta 92X

POTD – Cleaning Beretta 92x Performance

It’s fun to shoot ‘em. But ya gots to clean them. At least if you are going to check them back into the armory....

POTD – New Pistol Section

POTD - New Pistol Section Been shuffling around some of the guns in The Armory. The goal is to be more organized and efficient. To...
Beretta 92x Performance pistol

Beretta 92X Performance First Shots

Ok. First shots with the 92x are in the can. Shoots very well. VERY. I didn’t include pics of the paper groups. But it’s...
Beretta 92x Performance Overview

Beretta 92X Performance Overview

So yes we finally scored one. The new cocked-n-locked Beretta 92 that was all the rage at SHOT a while back.  Lots of really neat...

EP-206: The Italian 1911

Episode 206 of the John1911 Podcast: Beretta 92x Performance. Tom Knapp would be proud. Freeze gets more estate guns. Why Cuomo won't quit. FBI...

The Italian 1911

The fundamental side effect of getting back into the 1911 game is the realization that just about any cocked & locked handgun will require...