Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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A Tale of Two Pig Guns

This recently came up among a group of young hunters I know so I figured I would post about it here. The younger guys...

Video — Testing Cheek-Weld / Eye-Relief Blaser R8

Going to be using the Blaser R8 for more precision work going forward. So I have been adding larger MIL-DOT scopes to the system....

Texas Heart Shot

A couple of us went down to Texas for some pig hunting. Here is a 230lb pig I shot with a Blaser R8 chambered...

How Not To Blow Up Your Blaser Rifle

Caliber change weapons seem very slick on paper. And in the right hands, they really offer some interesting options to the conscientious end user. But...

NEOPOD: A High Quality Plastic Bipod?

Yesterday, I took delivery of a new bipod being made by a company called Steinert Sensing Systems out of Norway. The name is Neopod...