Monday, August 8, 2022
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Blaser Tactical 2 Bipod Attachment. Blaser UIT Rail. Blaser Anschutz Rail

Attaching Bipod on Blaser Tactical 2

The Blaser Tactical 2, LRS2, LRS1 and CISM rifles utilize a common accessory system known as UIT or the Anschutz Rail.  I purchased a small...

Blaser Interchangeability Guide

Chris Morlock of Morlock Designs as complied a Blaser LRS, LRS 2, LRS2 338LM and Tactical 2 parts interchangeability chart.  Right off the bat, I...

Blaser LRS – CISM – UIT Magazines

An interesting development in the Blaser rifle world. A small custom shop known as Morlock Customs, out of California, is starting to make aftermarket...