Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Blaser Tactical 2 Training Day 155g 308

Personal Training Day

Had the Blaser Tactical 2 out. 308 barrel on. Shooting some of Doc’s 155g hand-loads.  This was a personal training session so I didn’t film...
Blaser R8 Pro-Tips

Blaser R8 Pro-Tips

This is a general list of “how to” for the Blaser R8 rifles. Actually for all the Blaser straight-pull rifles: R8, R93, LRS, LRS2,...

Blaser Tactical 2 Import

This isn’t definite, but I have detected at least two dealers with NIB Blaser Tactical 2’s in stock. When reaching out to one dealer...

Found Blaser 338LM Magazines 

Thanks to a follower we were able to source some factory new, Blaser 338 Lapua magazines; from a retail vender in Europe. Specifically Germany.  Special...

Blaser Tactical 2 Service Manuals 

Special thanks to “Officer Jerry” for sending over some very neat manuals for the Blaser Tactical 2. An official Armourer’s Manual and a official...

Armory Chat 42 – Only one 338 Lapua Mag

Well...As we get closer to finishing the new rifle range, it’s almost impossible to not think about what rifles we will be able to...

Blaser LRS – CISM – UIT Magazines

An interesting development in the Blaser rifle world. A small custom shop known as Morlock Customs, out of California, is starting to make aftermarket...

Sunset on The Rifle Range

Unlike most people in the Shooting community I always make sure to shoot all year round.   And truth be told, when it starts getting cold;...

Blaser LRS2 – TAC2 Magazine Repair Update

Thanks to some research and help from our viewers, I have a quick and easy solution to solve the Blaser LRS - TAC magazine...

The Payoff

When setting up Infrastructure on one of the new ranges, there’s no reason why I can’t also squeeze in a little trigger-time to boot? For...

European Rifle Burst Test

These videos were filmed quite a long time ago and have been on the internet for years. They came to my attention when I...

Laying out of Blaser R8 Calibers

This post is in response to a very direct question I received about the Blaser R8 system. Specifically the caliber change feature. The sender...

Blaser Position Shooting- New Range Test

When building new ranges, before you spend big money on hiring bulldozers, it is strongly advised that you actually spend some time shooting on...

Video — They said you can’t…

Shoot steel cased ammo. Out of your good guns. Your precision guns. Your custom guns. So who exactly is, "they" anyway? Some self-appointed guru? The...

80 Dollars For a Mirage Band?

With the 1000 yard range project coming along swimmingly, we will be stretching out some of our hotter rounds a little more frequently. And...